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12-31-2005, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Starshollow
Correct me if Im wrong, but I dont think he plays with as much heart and as much flair as he used to. Ofcourse he had his injuries and is probably the one player in the league whos had to endure the most brutal hits and cheapshots the last decade, but he still lacks the undefined "thing" that made him into what he was.

Hopefully hes saving a couple of extra gears til the postseason, because (paradon the expression) he almost seems like a floater on occasion, and thats not really like him.

I draw these conclusions from a few (yes few, feel free to flame) games Ive watched myself, and some friends whos watched most of his games this season, and agrees with me.
I think you're in need of therapy or at least some medical assitance for your delussional opinions. You should have stopped when you used "floater" as a way to descibe Forsberg.

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