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Originally Posted by Needles View Post
Today's hockey is a speed game, especially in NHL. If you're good enough, size doesn't matter that much anymore. Just ask Nathan Gerbe. I'm pretty excited about Ikonen. At this point, I don't think Mikael Granlund's type of draft year is impossible (Full season with men, 30+ points).

I don't agree that Ikonen is the most talented Finn in 2013 Entry Draft. Not when Barkov might have even bigger upside than Mikael Granlund.
It still does matter, maybe not as much as before, but still you have to be exceptionally talented (like Gerbe) to make it in the NHL. Still the overwhelming majority of very small players don't make it even if they were very talented like Juuso Ikonen undoubtfully is. Though if someone should be able to make it despite size, it should be Ikonen. He's incredible.

If you look at skill alone, then Ikonen is the most talented player, putting him in a 6'2 200 body and you have a number 1 pick. The thing is that small players tend to develop into very skilled players because they need skill to compensate size.

That said, I do think he is exceptionally talented. He's playing at a high level at a very young age and producing at an insane clip. Even if he would never become an NHL player, we will undoubtedly have many chances to enjoy his playing with Finnish national teams.
Originally Posted by thomast
Just watching Juuso Ikonen, he is very, very talented player. Too bad he's small but he's more talented than anyone from finland for 2013 draft. Nice smart plays with high-end creativity at the offensive-zone. He's good at puck fights aswell especially if you consider his age and size.
I agree with everything here. Luckily he seems to be a sturdy build and capable of growing some mass. He sure is a dynamic skater, but do you think he is very explosive, like Gerbe and St. Louis are for example? I'm not quite sure as of yet. Ofcourse that will still improve a lot.

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