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01-21-2012, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by DogsFan View Post
I'm sick of Subban. There are so many things about his game that just bug me. I hate how he punches everyone in the corner in battles (see his roughing penalty last night.) He grabs sticks like crazy, it's a surprise he isn't more penalized. The slewfooting is so dirty it's stupid. He did it on one of pittsburghs goals last night, he takes out the guy in front on the second goal I believe. And then there's the diving/cowering from fights. If you're gonna play the way you do, be ready to pay the price. Don't dive or hide behind your teammates, because I bet the guys are sick of standing up for this *******. Also, why must you wind up so much for a slap shot when it's not gonna hit the net anyways? An 80 mph shot on net is better than a 100mph wide shot 100 times out of 100.
uhhhh....chill out buddy....he had 14 goals last year so i guess is shot aint a prob? take your pills watch something else if you cant handle it. pk does mistakes and its kinda normal, he plays versus the best ..nights after nights and hes -1 for the season
and near 20 pts ...and hes having a bad season..take a deep breath ...its gonna alright

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