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Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
Yea Jalonen needs to give Pulkkinen more EHT games, but maybe Raipe didn't want to let him go earlier this season.
No "maybes" here, it's a known fact that U20 staples are tied up with junior duties 'til the WJC is over. What they did with The Stamp was an exception, due to him being crazy awesome as we all know.

Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
About Karalahti. Ok I might have overhyped him a bit. He maybe shouldn't be in #1 defensive pair in both of my lineps, but there's no way you can leave him out of either the allstar Finland or the realistic team.
You still didn't say why Karalahti automatically takes preferences over the likes of Väänänen or, say, Passo Puistola who are slightly younger and very familiar with the current system. I'm not saying he's not WHC material (I think he is), but an essential? Hardly.

Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
About Koivu brothers together. You might be right about them not wanting to play on wing, but i'm still surprised if it's really true that they don't want to play together and I do feel they'd find some magic Sedin type chemistry if they did play together.
Only because they're ...brothers? C'mon, these two have visible disrepancy between playstyles and in the manner they think about the game minutiae. Besides, they haven't played a regular shift together over their pro careers (apart from maybe some offseason scrimmages). Both are also VERY shoehorned picks to place on wing. So there's really no surprise. If they even after these facts would truly desire to play in a same line simply because they happen to share a bunch of genes, it'd be highly unprofessional of both of 'em. As it is ludicrous for a fan to think so.

Originally Posted by Needles View Post
I'm guessing he rather wants to "test" guys like Ville Vahalahti & Jani Tuppurainen. Guys who have zero chance to be in WHC team this year or in the future.
Vahalahti made the 2009 team, he can make it again.

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