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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
He's pulling for straws to do it.

I'm sorry but anyone who uses the Islanders as a measuring stick is bashing the Habs. There's only two organizations in the league that can compared to that now that the Thrashers are gone, Columbus and Florida. Not even the Leafs deserve that kind of parallel.
See the problem is everyone who is offended with the article, is thinking back on the 24 Cups .. which ONLY 2 have come in last 30 YEARS.none in going on 20 years.

The media used to make comments on Charles Wang as a guy off of center,now they are doing the same to? PIERRE GAUTHIER..

I tell you line Islanders up with Habs in last 19 years, there closer than you want to believe...

Stop thinking back to 50 to 60 's

Stop buyin Habs lies that a real contender is too hard now a days with 30 teams

and running a FIRST CLASS ORG is impossible when DETROIT has show that i'nst true.

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