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01-21-2012, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDudeAbides View Post
Why? Why? Why?

Why does every thread have to turn into a thread about Eric Tangradi. I don't know what the love affair with this kid is. Where is all this upside that everyone's seeing? I came in here to see what people thought of Jeffreys game and instead all I see is about that 4th liner who will NEVER amount to anything but being a career minor leaguer. The guy doesn't even deserve the ice time he's getting. My guess is that he is being showcased so we can deal him at the deadline, which honestly, I would love. Jeffrey comes back from a bad knee injury and he's been playing very well, he was getting good opportunities and they just weren't going in until last night. Jeffrey is a guy who will stick in our lineup. Tangradi can't even do so much as win a fight at the NHL level. I cant wait until we ship all that "potential" somewhere else. The comparisons of the 2 are ridiculous. Tangradi hasn't done a single solitary thing to be compared to Jeffrey. And I know some people think that Tangradi isn't getting a fair shake and that the coaches have something against him, well it isn't because the coaches don't like him. That's too convenient an excuse. It all comes down to a more fundemental purpose. He's just not good at his profession. Jason Williams out-produced Tangradi so that's saying something.
I guess this answers my question about what Hfboards would of been like in the early to mid 90s... just substitute a few extra lines of incoherent nonsense about Brown and Mullen spoonfeeding a soft Euro, or how CP is a tool for only getting back Smokes and AHL fodder for Artie and McEachern.

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