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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
The dumb thing to do was not to come out and say they'd do it right next time. It was the fact they messed it up in the first place.

Problem is they hired a rookie uni-lingual coach with no special skill or talent. If it had been Carlisle.. maybe the pill would have been easier to swallow. But Cunneyworth ? Come the **** on. Plus the guy is an idiot. Ran one of the previously best PP down to last spot, Gomez/Kaberle in the SO, Blunden on the first line, Subban in the stands than 25 min the next game, etc. The guy is in over his head. Horrible coach. He failed in his only assignment to run the PP and we decided to make him head coach despite the fact he doesn't speak french while we were about to go on a million road games trip ? What the **** kind of dumb management is that.

The mistake was for Molson to agree to that decision in the first place. The conference only compounded the problem a little bit, but the huge mistake was done already.


I suppose that person is Cunneyworth ? Oh boy that was a good one. Oh wait you weren't joking..


I doubt very much that Boivin was the main decider behind the Gauthier hire. That has Gainey written all over it.

I'm gonna go ahead and bet that Boivin never ever meddled in hockey decisions. He did his part really well, and his part had very little to do with hockey. Gillett wanted to increase the value of the team and he hired exactly the right man for the job. If I had been Molson, I'd have let Boivin stay there and given myself some other president title. But I don't really care that much because the loss of Boivin doesn't really affect hockey directly.
there crafting another one for us

8/22/2010 11:07:15 AM

Patrick Boivin, the son of Montreal Canadiens president and CEO Pierre Boivin, has been named the club's director of hockey operations.

General Manager Pierre Gauthier made the change as part of his restructuring plans for the club's front office

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