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01-21-2012, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
Any goalies on that can shed some light on this...

Seeing that goal my initial reaction was "why isn't Bryz' stick on the ice?" but on the replay it looked like he was beginning to direct the incoming shot into the corner. His shifted his weight onto his right leg, and started moving his stick with it. Then the deflection came and the puck went right where his stick just was.
on a play like that, your focus is on where the puck is shot towards. Bryz was going to make the save with his right pad on the ice. the stick is not involved, in fact, you don't even think of it - then, the puck is deflected to his left .. at that point, you attempt to move the left pad toward the shot, flat on the ice to make the save. but the puck went to Bryz's far left, to the outside of his pad, but to the inside of the post [of course]. in neither case would that be a stick save. if it was deflected towards Bryz's 5 hole, he would have closed his pads together quickly, moving them is much quicker than trying to reposition the stick - it's all leg instincts at that point.

a perfect result for the Devils on that tip. faulting Bryz on that one, is like faulting Bob on the breakaway goal he let up last game.

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