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Originally Posted by Skarjak View Post
I had a really bad feeling about Molson firing Boivin. The man was a genius, and he really understood the fans. Plus, owners who get involved with their teams always end up doing more harm than good.

Now he's presiding over a completely disastrous season. I miss Gillette...
well, he understood how to sell a lot of stuff to people who wouldn't otherwise buy it. He made the language fans (who I didn't realize were a distinct faction until recently) content just by existing. He turned the logo 90 degrees to make it into an emoticon. Gainey is the one who actually brought back winning (I know, sounds silly, but it's true).

He was good at what he did, but I don't think it in any way helped the actual team's success. We had/have enough fans who just wanna win. The fanfare is gonna be there if we do. I'm not too interested in a president who panders to fans. I'd rather one who makes us win. In Raleigh or Nashville or Anaheim, I can see the role of Boivin being important. Not here so much in the grand scheme of things.

Gillette was awesome, but then again, we were winning too. Imagine the outcry if the AMERICAN owner of the Habs was the "reason" behind the disastrous season.

Molson is a smart man. He'll make the right decisions. We just have to practice patience. It's the impatience that forces him to write ******** press statements and to make bad organizational policies.

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