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11-08-2003, 07:05 AM
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Can a US born player play Canadian University Hockey?

Because he can not play D1 after going to the OHL the last I knew do to the players getting paid. This is a major difference for kids born in the US vs Canada. Canadian kids know that if the OHL does not work out for them they can still go home and play University hockey. A USA born player can not get on a Division 1 team if he starts out in the OHL.

IMO if you are a good Us born player than the D1 route is for you. If you are a very,very good one than the CHL has much to offer.

Tim Connolly knew as a 16 year old that the chances were he was going to be a first round draft pick in the '99 draft. Playing in the OHL only help his ranking and has earned him a good bit of NHL dollars along the way.

Now take former teammate Matt Murly. Matt decied to go the NCAA way because his stock as a young player was not as high as Tim's (for good reason). Matt also has a chance to play in the OHL but chose to get a free ride to a very good school. Now he still has a chance to play pro hockey, but if that does not work out he has a education from a top end school to start his life with.

The thing is, unless you can be assured of a very high draft slot as a US born player, the NCAA is the much safer path career wise (do not read that as hockey career because we all know few of the CHL or NCAA players make it to the NHL).

Both leagues have thier good points and bad points. If I wasa parent of a young man who had the talent to go either way it would be a hard choice, but I would want my kid to attend a University over playing in the OHL. That is simply my opinion. You can read it as bias if you would like, but as a Erie Otters season tix holder I know and love the CHL game. I just feel its makes more sense for most US born kids to go the other way.


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