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01-21-2012, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
Fantastic game by him. He was so noticeable. I think the guy has a very well rounded skillset. He's good at everything, not great at anything.
Originally Posted by bigd View Post
You're right, he's a player that you can plug anywhere into the line up. He can play wing or center on any line and he's great on the PK. He can also play on your second PP if needed.
Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
Let's hope the Tangradi obsession ends, but that is wishful thinking...

Back to Jeffrey - does anyone get the same feeling I do that he could make Staal expendable one day, assuming he can stay consistent like this?

I know he played a lot of wing in the A, but I feel he is best as your third pivot.
Originally Posted by Ragamuffin Gunner View Post
No way, IMO. If Shero's gonna decide to move one of the two it's DJ no question. Staal's just too good and too PO proven to move for DJ, not to mention how much Shero loves him.

It might, however, force DB to look into Staal in the top 6 or moving DJ to the wing.

I really wouldn't mind moving Sid to wing for the first little while after he's back to ease him into things, like the used to do w/ Lemieux.

Kunitz - Malkin - Neal
Sid - Staal - TDL winger
Duper - DJ - Kennedy
I had these thoughts in my head, and wanted to start a thread last night, but never happened. This seems like a good place now though.

My thinking was if (when?) Sid returns:

Kunitz - Crosby - Dupuis
Jeffrey - Malkin - Neal
Cooke - Staal - TK

Currently, seems likely HCDB would slide Sullivan back into that open spot (again, assuming Crosby returns, and Kunitz is moved to play with him) next to Geno.

Can DJ fill that role? Sullivan, IMO, was great early, setting up other guys. But that was a short, early period. That last 2 months have been average to below average.
DJ at least brings some little things that Sullivan doesn't, though his playmaking falls short of what Sullivan could provide.

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