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01-21-2012, 09:19 PM
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Playoffs or not ?

Hello Fans,

Do you believe that ANA may make it to the playoffs ?

Meaning that so far their season was a nightmare (you know more than I do !)
They seem to rebound ... and very seriously.

And we know that if they play decently (not well, only decently !) they are a good team able to beat many ... if not all.

Therefore my question : their is less than half the regular season left. Do you think that they can catch up and get a playoff spot.

in figures it means that ... 82 games regular season ... they have 47 done ... 35 games left. and they need about 7 points more than the competition. The competition would be Dallas who presently has 50 points with 2 games less ... so 48 games and 54 points. (i took the worst case scenario ... ) and who will be spot number 8 ! if Dallas keeps producing the same points they will end up at 82 games and 92 points. so our Duck will have to produce in 35 games 52 points !!!
That is produce a 1.45 points a game !!! would be like win 1/2 and lose 1/2 in OT. or win 3/4 and lose 1/4 straight ... .

(the 7-2-1 they have now should be maintained and it would work ! projecting the past into the future ... but discussing statistic assumptions isn't the objective here !)

Do you believe it possible ?

Call me crazy ... i say they will make it.
and you ?

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