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01-22-2012, 03:14 AM
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Originally Posted by acrethrills View Post
Of course. 93-94.

Gretz, Kurri, Robitaille, Sydor, Blake, and to a lesser extent Lang, Sandstrom and Carson.

27-45-12 that year. We're better than that this year with a less talented (on paper) line up.

Everything back of the 2nd line (including the defense is pretty woefull on the 93-94 squad though).
well played, ill give you that one.

but, what I am astounded by is how close we are to the cap and how terrible we are. I don't remember ever having the 5th highest salary in the league and being this terrible. I didn't pay attention to salary back then, but I wonder if we were as high relative to the league and played that bad.

Either way, unless someone can come up with a 2nd year, I'm going to stamp this as the 2nd most disappointing year I've ever seen.

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