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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
who told you he can't play nhl season?
itsn't about money from Jagr's side but he just can't play for free or earn less than 4th liners does.
It doesn't take years but one single month back where Jagr was 2nd in team with points, now that everyone is throwing him over the board, he is sitll 3rd.. go ahead, this board is full of pathetic ppl kicking players over board due to 1 match,forexample Hartnell, everyone wanted him out, now those same ppl are cheering for him, just pathetic ..i.
i fell in love with this team, but fans, at least on these boards are just terrible bad joke, not all of them tho
Its not necesary to be so oversensitive and rude...

I see u r from Czech republic as well as me... I think this is the problem; first Jagr is czech and second, and more important thing, fans here are different in my point of view. We dont need to concern ourself about CBA or salary caps here...We dont even know the salaries in our czech hockey league in most cases. I like my czech hometown team and Id like to have player like JJ on my team even if he plays 2/3 of the season. I would not care about his salary at all cause I know it will be paid by sponsors (usually big regional companies). I would care only about his play, about the magic he can produce on the ice, about his affect on young players but also about his turnovers of course.

I think fans in NA are more like General Managers but without all the necessary information. They take players as goods which has some $ value. If the player is injured his value drops down as well as the interest of the fans. Its more obvious with older players of course. I am not saying its good or bad. Its just different look.

This whole discussion about signing Jagr next year is extremely premature. Even Jagr said that he wants to talk about it after the seasons end. Maybe they dont even know how serious his groin injury is right now. Its like a waves; first 1/3 he was on the wave and hero now he is useless pensioner playing on one leg... We will see where he is going to be in 3/3 and PO... Hartnell is good example too - he was "done" at the beginning of the year and now we see...

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