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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
lol so he will fall off only cuz he hit number 40

it takes just month back where everyone was cheering for him, how good sign it was, how everyone envy us Jagr.
what did it take? groin injury and rushing it back, few games where he didnt shine, and suddenly everyone throwing him over the boat.

Now ill just wait for him to heal up, show he is still someone on the ice and to shut you up.
mark my words
This is what annoys me about Jagr fans. You come over here strictly for one player, stir the pot because people see him differently than you do, tell us to shut up or **** off because of it, then once he's done as a Flyer you'll be gone.

We're far more concerned about the team, not one player. The fact is, for a hockey player he's ancient. People in their 40s do not recover quickly from injuries, that's just a fact. We, as fans of the team, are concerned about a player who has repeatedly had the same injury and is in and out of the lineup and hasn't played at full speed in weeks because of it. He isn't good defensively so he has to make it up with points, which isn't happening.

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