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Originally Posted by kicksave27 View Post
A-train's hit was late, and not really necessary. Maybe if they take away the number of unnecessary hits in the game, there would be less injury. Remove the 3 mississippi buffer to hit a player well after the puck is gone. If your stick isn't down and you aren't trying to separate player from puck, it's a penalty. Fairly simple.

Or let the players defend themselves. If you are Dman and you dish the puck, and 3 seconds later a guy like kunitz is still trying to hit you, he can eat wood(composite) with no penalty, stop telling guys to 'take the hit', tell them to protect themselves.

Hits that result in injury that were deemed not clean, result in a 50k fine, min 5 games. For repeat offenders, that fine is escalated. I'd really like to have that player miss the same amount of games as the opponent he just injured, but that will never happen.
Shanahan can start by giving Ference 8 games at least for the hit yesterday on McDonagh. I think, too, it will take a good 5 years to eliminate the late hits, like you just described, because the current NHL population grew up being instructed to "finish your check" and "wear down your opponent". That means a good 2-3 count after the target has dished off the puck. Seismic shifts in game play have to start with the lower leagues, and work their way up.

As well, call me old-school, but players need to better protect themselves, too, when they have the puck. If you're skating with the puck and have your head down, you're vulnerable.

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