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01-22-2012, 09:49 AM
Jacques Strap
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Well that confirms Shanahan is a puppet.

These rejects in the league complain non stop about the dirty hits to the head and the hits from behind, and EVERY chance they have to really make a difference and make an example by suspending a player long term based on HIS ACTIONS NOT THE OUTCOME, they do the same old **** 5 game nonsense.

THAT'll show 'em! A whole five games!

Shanahan is as much of a joke as Campbell. No guts. Just a puppet.

Things like this are why the NHL is viewed as a joke in the major pro sports world.

They'll say "don't do it or else" and the 'or else' turns out to be an empty threat.

Not enough room on the playing surface? Don't make the surface bigger, take out the red line and put ****ing ******** trapezoids behind the net that'll work...most of the arenas don't fill the extra thousand seats that would be removed to make the rinks bigger, should've made the rinks bigger.

Don't allow players to police the game, so there's ZERO repercussion for acts like this, not from players and not from the league. And you wonder why it happens?

They preach "respect your fellow player" yet the league refuses to show the player respect when his life was put in danger by a stupid INTENTIONAL play. It was intentional, anyone who says otherwise is naive. He may have regretted it as it was happening, but he did it and he knew he was doing it.

They could change the hard ass boards to padded boards, and substitute the glass with some kind of gel/plastic so the players aren't hitting what may as well be a cement wall.

Talk about mandating helmets in warmups but not visors during games? EVERY league besides the NHL mandates some sort of facial protection.

The league is a joke.

The people who run it are a joke.

If it weren't for the Rangers and the trophy, I wouldn't be giving the NHL my time. There are other leagues, ran better, that simply don't have the money or press.

The AHL is a better run league. The SEL is a better run league.

The NHL has NO excuse. They have clout. The money. The press. The history. And the trophy (Stanley Cup). And they have RETARDS running the league.

Shanahan had potential, but like every new president that promises change, they can't beat foreign policy, they can't radically change the system, there are checks they can't change.

Same **** with the NHL. You have that weasel Bettman running the show, and puppets like Shanahan rapping his jaw bone but nothing meaningful from his brain coming out of it.

Ference should be made an example of. 20+ games, no pay.

You think the next baboon will decide to hit the numbers along the boards?

No, go right ahead and do the same **** you've always done. See what change comes.
Great post !!! All kidding aside, you should send this letter to the NHL offices. Might get them thinking !!!

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