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01-22-2012, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorado View Post
The right call was made on the play . It was a dangerous play made in a split second in OT on a chip and chase with speed . The fact that it was a tight game in OT takes any malicious intent to injure out of the equation . 5 games is a lot of money $$$$. 20 games for a Player that doesn't have a rep as a head hunter is a lot of money . Boston lost the game , that is a penalty in itself . Shanahan former players union rep is not going to dole out 20 game hits to players he used to rep . Is this a conflict of interest ? Yes . Is it a dog and pony show ? Yes .The Ference hit was a borderline irresponsible play but a hockey play , just one with poor judgment . Boston has some chippy players , Ference isn't one of them . It's unfortunate it happened to our new top D Man and let's take the homer goggles off and realize that if it was a bad play and penalized immediately on the ice and will be dealt with by the league . Hockey is "'the fastest game " and a contact sport these hits happen and will continue to happen , especially when they play the game fo money and they keep score . Let's just hope Ryan is OK and doesn't miss too much time . Ference will get his rip but people calling for seasons and 20 games etc perhaps don't work UNION JOBS and should realize that ain't going to fly . The players as protected as they want to be especially the stars don't want the game cheapened or to lose that much $$$$ for split second decisions that perhaps will never be taken out of their hockey DNA. FERENCE saw the chance to separate McD from the puck retrieve it and make a hockey play in a 4-4 situation and possibly win a game in OT . IT was a poor decision buy IMO 5 games is just . Now next time it's 10 . PLAYERS like Cooke , SUBBAN , CARCILLO who routinely makes these dangerous injurious plays don't get the benefit of the doubt and should be dealt with more harshly .
i agree with this and darrenturcotte. i think it was a foolish and unfortunate play but not dirty. and the way the rangers went after ference, i think, proves that. they weren't too hung up on getting after him. unlike kopecky, who obviously broke the code. ference just pulled a homer. not that he gets a pass for it, five games would send a big message. but i feel more like this was bad luck and bad timing. nothing too nasty.
i like how the rangers took it to the bruins and left the bruins overreacting and having to answer for their spasticity.

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