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01-22-2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
and you know what annoys me on "fans" like you? that they dont care about players, just about team, one - 2 bad matches and they want them out.
Im here because of Jagr so what? do i need to like every single player in flyer (i do) becuse ? or i shouldnt watch and cheer for any NHL team becuase im not from their town or country? lawl

its not like i dont watch flyers when Jagr is out its my favourite team now and i dont think i need to explain someone, why.
I might even stay as flyer if they wont behave like some of these fans like you want.
You know you need someone to make you like the team when they are not from your city, for me it Jagr, and i dont understand why its any of your concern.

and please tell me how he isnt making up for it with points as 3rd player in the team?
theres so many players who are even worse in def and are not even producing, hello Briere?.. but ye lets smash just jagr becuase he is injured..
i guess you are not even thinking before you post, please do so

anyway Jagr isnt only one im fan of, Giroux is fun to watch and i also want Bryz to be the goaltnder he was hired to be, and now it seems he is.

PS: just found jagr is 5th in team is +/-, making your statment about him producing and bad defence quite invalid, seems there much more players who are not making it up with producing, btw JVR -1. Have a nice day
+/- is SUCH an invalid stat! And yeah, I care about the players but I'm not turning them into a god. Jagr started off well and now he's broken down. Briere has been bad all season, no argument there. I've never been a fan of JvR and think the contract extension he received based on a few playoff games was insane. I don't think Voracek is worth $4 million a year which a lot of people think he's going to get. Some players are worth a lot more than others but the Jagr worship by some is ridiculous.

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