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01-22-2012, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorado View Post
The right call was made on the play . It was a dangerous play made in a split second in OT on a chip and chase with speed . The fact that it was a tight game in OT takes any malicious intent to injure out of the equation . 5 games is a lot of money $$$$. 20 games for a Player that doesn't have a rep as a head hunter is a lot of money . Boston lost the game , that is a penalty in itself . Shanahan former players union rep is not going to dole out 20 game hits to players he used to rep . Is this a conflict of interest ? Yes . Is it a dog and pony show ? Yes .The Ference hit was a borderline irresponsible play but a hockey play , just one with poor judgment . Boston has some chippy players , Ference isn't one of them . It's unfortunate it happened to our new top D Man and let's take the homer goggles off and realize that if it was a bad play and penalized immediately on the ice and will be dealt with by the league . Hockey is "'the fastest game " and a contact sport these hits happen and will continue to happen , especially when they play the game fo money and they keep score . Let's just hope Ryan is OK and doesn't miss too much time . Ference will get his rip but people calling for seasons and 20 games etc perhaps don't work UNION JOBS and should realize that ain't going to fly . The players as protected as they want to be especially the stars don't want the game cheapened or to lose that much $$$$ for split second decisions that perhaps will never be taken out of their hockey DNA. FERENCE saw the chance to separate McD from the puck retrieve it and make a hockey play in a 4-4 situation and possibly win a game in OT . IT was a poor decision buy IMO 5 games is just . Now next time it's 10 . PLAYERS like Cooke , SUBBAN , CARCILLO who routinely makes these dangerous injurious plays don't get the benefit of the doubt and should be dealt with more harshly .
Agree with this.

It was a bad hit. No doubt. Ference himself admits it--so he's not too proud of himself. Give him credit for that. He's not offering up a bunch of ******** excuses. Talk about cowardice is just blah, blah, blah. Make no mistake--a bad decision or not--something like this can happen so fast that it's over before the player fully realizes what he's done. The same or similar situation could very likely happen to one of our own players--and then a lot of us might be trying to defend him as well.

Just as an example McIlrath just freight trained another player with a head shot a week ago and some people here were like that was a great hit. No it wasn't and it seemed more deliberate than what Ference did here. Dylan got 8 games. Christian Thomas this season walloped another player in the face with his stick after he was knocked down. He was suspended as well. Both of them deserved it.

To me the punishment here should link to whatever injury McD sustained. If he's seriously hurt it should be 5-8. If not 2-3.

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