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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
A clue?

The problem will not stop with that parrot talking, sheep mentality.

"Not that kind of player" doesn't mean he didn't do the act.

Again, you people can be content to wait for tragedy, I don't work that way.
5 is too little. something more along the lines of 12-25 yea I'd agree with. Whole season for a second offense. Out of the game for a third offense. You see the back of the jersey you dont hit period. Tie a guy up. Dont hit. Or you're out for as long as the guy who got injured for that season. If McD ends up being out for 45 games I would be fine if Ference had to sit out the same length of time I think that's fair. I think Bettuzzi should still be out of the game. The stanchion with Chara was a freak play thats on the stadium and NHL for having some of the stupidest most bone-headed placement ever.

As far as taking it from a NHL guy who wrote a book....Put it this way I would never want advice on hockey from Enver Lisin. Some players do not make good coaches/advisors

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