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01-01-2006, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin
Nedved is not needed on the Canucks with Morrison and Henrik Sedin. He'd be useless here. As for Joseph, he'd definitely be an upgrade over what the Canucks currently have, but if getting him means trading Bertuzzi, no thanks. There are other goalies available.

So because the Canucks don't add Joseph they are destined for failure? Are they unable to shop elsewhere for a goaltender? Give me a break...
Sure they can shop elsewhere, but to get someone as good as Joseph would be hard to find;you guys could try for Roberto L. from Florida but even that would cost you guys Bertuzzi or Naslund. As for destioned for failure, I was trying to point out that your current state of goaltending will not get you past the first round! Even Cloutier can't get past the second round, so what makes you think they will be destined for greatness with Auld.