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01-22-2012, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by SML View Post
You should rent for a year before you buy anything in Schenectady. Property is very cheap, but there are some very dangerous areas right near Union. (Less than 5 miles)You may get into a place cheap, but never be able to unload it. I live about 10 minutes away across the river. No public housing projects, low crime with the exception of the Walmart shoplifting, and really no further away from anything. Schenectady has gangs, murders, drugs, and at one point they were talking about disbanding the city police force and having troopers take over because of corruption. The ex chief of police went to prison for his role in a drug trafficking scandal. So, there are nice parts of the city, but the taxes are high to support all the places that aren't nice. The area right directly around Union is pretty safe though. Just stay away from anything a realtor tells you is in the Hamilton Hill section. Straight up bad news. They'd eat two college kids for breakfast over there.
He's pretty dead set on buying. The houses he's looking at right now are literally across the street from Union, so I suppose that's the good area. I'm a bit surprised that there would be gang activity of the scale you described in that sort of town. Being from CA I'm no stranger to gangs, I can't imagine it's that bad in a small city like Schenectady. I'll let him know about that, thanks.

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