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01-22-2012, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
Thank you.

So ****ing sick of people who complain like the team is last in the league. or the refs called a 10-1 penalty ridden game against us after a loss.

shut up already. Move on, you can't win every night. Jesus. The way people act we should be 82-0-0 and probably then they would STILL complain about something.

Tip your hat to Calgary and move on.
People have their mood swings depending on winning/losing streaks, but the underlying issue is that everyone here expected a team that got closer if not completely close the gap between the elite teams and them but instead got a team that has been stagnant for 3 years.

The way people act here is because everyone knows deep down that this team IF it gets to playoffs is going to once again get bounced in the first round by a fairly superior team (ie Chicago, Detroit, SJ, Vancouver). That's the elephant in the room causing all the hysteria/mood swings or whatever you want to call it, it just gets transposed to individual games.

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