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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
If you ask if the guy is available and they say "no", you say "Ok, thanks". Not really insulting. If you ask and they say "sure, give me Brown" and DL says "no way". Again, not really insulting. If they respond when DL says no about Brown and they ask what he had in mind and he says "a 5th of Jameson". Then yeah, maybe they are offended. But I highly doubt a GM calls and inquires about a player unless they are ready to pony up.

Not fix it no, but help them I think.

Great, the point is nobody is untouchable and the Oilers still dealt Gretzky even though there were some how offended by McNall's inquiries. I guess the money healed the wounds. DL wasn't offended when Philly asked for the #1 prospect in the world. You'll never get anything if you don't ask. Something tells me GM's in the NHL aren't as sensitive as some of you guys think.
MAybe. I guess I just think there is a certain standard of respect among GM's that most would get a bit miffed at the least if someone came in and offered like Martinez for Henrique. You may be right. Hard to really ever know. Would be neat to hear someone ask a former GM this though.

Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Just guess somebody from Philly or SJ and you'll be in the hunt.
Out of curiousity but has DL really ever gone out to get many of his old SJ players and picks? I know we got McCaulay, but outside of him, have we ever got anyone from there? Seems like the focus has been more on former Flyers and Oilers.

Originally Posted by clumping platelets View Post
Going by Matthew Barry's blog on Hockeybuzz where he mentioned Buffalo

How about:

F Dustin Brown and F Jarret Stoll (total cap $6.675) for C Derek Roy, RW Drew Stafford, and prospect and/or pick (total cap $8 million). Prospect and/or pick is comp for taking on the additional cap space and evening out the deal.

What say you Kings fans? I like Gaustad and hope he stays in Buffalo. What else other than scoring are looking for? Stay at home d-man? I don't think we can help ya much there.
We don't need Roy at centre and I don't think he'll do good on the wing. And why would we trade our captain? Stafford though would be interesting. Not sure what Buffalo wants for him, but I bet it'll cost more than we are willing to give. I'd still rather focus on Gaustad from that team.

Originally Posted by voynov26 View Post
What will Dean do? Who knows....

All I know and want is not to get Hemsky. If he does... he should get FIRED IMO.

Sorry to get worked up there...
I'd take Hemsky, if the price is low (a 2nd at most) and we exhausted all other options. To me he's plan D.

Originally Posted by Capn Brown View Post
Martinez & a 2nd for Simmonds?
Done and done.

Originally Posted by King'sPawn View Post
I remember people thinking what a steal Kyle Quincey was shortly after the Kings claimed him off waivers.

Of course, he was then traded away for Smyth.
And I'd do that deal again. Quincey is a nice player, but he's nothing special and we did get a guy who netted two 20+ goal seasons for us and was a key piece to two playoff berths. Smyth, outside of the way he left, was a good addition during his entire time with the Kings IMO. If not for his cap hit, I'd have been wishing he stayed here this year as well.

Also, if Quincey was still here, where would Voynov be? Likely the AHL.

Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
So it appears that Pierre Gauthier is on a west coast scouting assignment. He attended the Ducks game earlier today and is at yet another Kings game tonight. He must be making some of his players available.
This worries me. I can't think of one player the Habs might be moving that I'd want us to give up one of our NHL players for. I'm not sure why Gautheir is scouting our team, unless he's trading us a guy like Pacioretty, which would make no sense for the Habs. Whose he scouting? Lewis, Martinez, Richardson? I hope we aren't dangling Loktionov or Voynov, especially for anything the Habs might move.
Originally Posted by Mattias View Post
Saw this on the main trade forum:

"Donít be surprised if Carter ó ballyhooed as the long-awaited No. 1 center just six months ago ó is sent packing to one of the many clubs in the NHL who are looking for a top-six forward."

I still want this guy on our team, I would happily give up Bernier ++ for him.
I want him too. Much better cap hit than Nash, might cost less than Nash and has chemistry with Richards. I'd rather not move Bernier in a deal though until Quick is locked in.

Loktionov, our 1st, Blue Jackets pick of any prospect outside of Toffoli, and a conditional pick depending on how far we go in the playoffs (a 5th if we don't make it, 4th if we do and goes up a round for each round we win in the playoff. Would be a 1st if we reach the finals).

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