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01-22-2012, 01:30 PM
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Kulemin is by far the hardest working player on the team. He's the best conditioned guy on the team. He puts in the most effort during games and practices. Last one off the ice, first one to acknowledge his linemates any of his successes. One of the most modest russian guys in the NHL. You give guys like that a break. Just because he doesn't put up the points at last years pace or better doesn't mean you crucify them for it because on the flip side he does all the other 99% of his duties on the ice. And he does those things extremely well.

I truely believe this is just an off year for him mostly because of the tragedies in his life. He lost his mentor and for any of you who have actually had the privilege of having a mentor you know that the loss hurts you personally to a great extent. Look up the definition of mentor if you don't know. This is the person you go to for life advice and experiences on how to deal with things, this is the person you go to during your **** times. When that OUTLET isn't there, you tend to build up a lot of negative emotions mostly because you aren't comfortable sulking about **** in front of just anybody.

Sometimes life gives you a break and other times it just buries you. For the weaklings on HF boards that haven't experienced any close tragedies, I would suggest you don't post **** about Kulemin because if your father or father figure died in a fluke accident, I'm sure me giving you 10 million dollars won't make you get over it any faster. You don't only make your self look bad as a person but you come off as a **** human being when you attempt to justify emotions with money. In reality, people like you are the real tragedies of life.

Grabo and Kule and even Lupul are heart and soul players. You don't get that easily. Skill is easily replaced but that drive to succeed and compete is worth more to Brian Burke and to any person with any knowledge of life. Now that's not to say that you don't need skilled players but when all the chips are down, the skill pretty much evens out, its the determination and hunger to win that gets you over the hump.

Look at Canucks last year, all the skill and talent in the world, but Boston players were committed to PLAYING hockey and doing everything it takes to win, while Nucks' were too busy whining and *****ing to the Refs for penalties and putting on a show in the media. Hockey Gods don't give out **** for free. Gotta earn it. Players like Grabo, Kule and Lupul truly earn it, they don't get free rides on reputation.

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