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Originally Posted by Face Wash View Post
This is for all you "Calm Downers" out there who wonder why people get so angry after a loss even if it was only the 2nd loss in regulation in a month:

Since the League expanded to 24 teams 19 seasons ago (ya know '92-'93, our favorite year), 38 different teams have played in the Stanley Cup Finals. Only 5 of those teams finished in the bottom half of the league offensively during that regular season. The lowest any of those teams ever finished offensively during the regular season was 18th (2010 Flyers of John Stevens ironically).

In that period of time only 2 teams in the bottom 5 of the league offensively EVEN MADE THE PLAYOFFS (1996 Blues & 1998 Senators). Neither of which was DEAD LAST in offense, but certainly in the bottom 5 in GF. That's 2 teams out of 304 playoffs teams that made the playoffs despite being bottom 5 in goals scored and neither was DEAD LAST like the Kings are!

The last team to make the playoffs while being dead last in offense was the 88-89 Canucks (23 years ago) when only 5 teams in the league missed the playoffs.

The chances the Kings even make the playoffs with this offense are atrocious. In fact it would be a league first considering 14 teams will miss the playoffs.

So when the Kings lose at home, scoring 1 goal or get shut out by the worst team in hockey at home or when they pile up the OTLs... have more perspective... look at the overall, it's not good at all and the clock is ticking.

So.... What your saying is that despite all that the Kings are still right in the playoff hunt. If it began today they would be the 7th seed in the tough western conference, and the Kings have the 3rd most points in the league since Sutter's arrival... So what your telling me is the Los Angeles Kings are deafening all odds and are on a miracle run?!?!?



Stats are funny aren't they?

Listen, I'm not denying this team NEEDS to do something about this offensive. IT SUCKS! really sucks! but.... you need to calm down.... It isn't as bad as this thread makes it seem!

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