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01-22-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Tak7 View Post
My first issue with MacArthur were actually brought up during the 4 game winning streak; I mentioned it both here and on twitter. Can hardly call that a situation where I'm trying to scapegoat a player or turn him into a whipping boy.

If you follow my posts around here, you know I'm not that type of poster.

But on the question of what Clarke has done for me lately - not enough. Especially considering the expectations on his shoulders, and what we've seen him do last year.

Don't call this thread frivolous without understanding what's going on first. I know that involves you reading and comprehending a number of posts through the use of logic, which admittedly could b tough for some, but give it a shot.
That wasn't a reply to your thread... it was towards everyone who's been ripping on him the last couple days... so I guess it is towards you, then

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