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01-22-2012, 03:10 PM
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The sentimentalist in me sees the 70's Habs streaking down the wings & obliterating all opposition in the Forum...sure, yeah, great idea!

But that won't come back, not with the way the league is structured now.

What I'd love (cue fantasy of being billionaire Habs owner with sufficient alternate revenue streams to not mind profit margins) is to make the current arena a bit more...well, you know, like making the seats 3 colours; re-introduce standing room between white & blues, back of blues (let the lux boxes around the reds stand, suits the territory); no piped-in god awful soul-crushing music, live organ only; take down stupid massive scoreboard up above, reduce size (keep digital clock) & bring some strip of HD scoreboard in corners with shots on goal, etc.; trumpets allowed again; reduce prices of all seats except lux boxes and reds; no ads on boards; no goal horn...then I wake up.

Went to a game in Ottawa last season. Inside the arena there was NO difference to our place. Let the fans create more of the atmosphere, don't stultify them in order to sell cell phone packages or whatever.

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