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Originally Posted by Pleky Roks View Post
It's funny....I don't hear them complaining in Chicago or Toronto....or anywhere else around the league where a new arena has been built. All those old buildings have their special place in fans hearts....but times change!!
Your just like a sell out for money hound, reason Montreal left for Bell....

As i said , BELL is so successful now , it wouldn't miss the Habs at all.

So what holds us back now?

The Red Sox and Cub fans would riot in the streets, just go tell them there moving ....

Why did Green Bay fans out of there own pocket pay to revamp there stadium??/why didn't they just say times change???

THE HABS (Montreal Forum) is the same building, something money should have never drove us out from....

It still stands there today, no reason we can't go back home..
It's not like it can only hold 12,000 ppl....

It could hold over 18,000 and to add an extra 2500-3000 seats and boxes, or up the tickets a little bit,you reconnect back to our HERITAGE.

What is so crazy about that?

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