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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur View Post
ah, there it is, the condescending elitist comment that people just have to pull out as if post-Gretzky fans are any less of a fan. I think we can all agree, there's a scoring problem, right? I guess it's just the degree of worry it is, whether it be a time for patience or a time to pull a trigger on something eye-opening, correct?

Okay, if that's the case, how long do you (calm-downers) feel we should wait before the team should be sounding the alarms? How long do you feel it will take before we start seeing the true effects of Sutter?

I personally feel 11 games out of 16 scoring under 2 goals is adequate time for the Kings to start worrying about something still inherently wrong with the team.
I never said something wasn't wrong.

I did say relying on one stat and one stat only to prove your argument, is bush league and idiotic.

Well, now I said it was bush league and idiotic, before I just laughed at him.

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