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Originally Posted by Habtacular View Post
Somewhat of a different proposition you are coming up with though.

Green Bay: kick in some money to your publically owned sports team so we can modernise and expand the only stadium we have, thus giving you a more accesable and better match day experience.

Habaneros: kick in some money to you privately owned and very wealthy sports team so we can abandon the perfectly serviceable arena we already have only to build a smaller version of it in a less suitable building just down the road. Obviously having paid for that it will then be harder and/or more expensive for you to get tickets for the place as there will be less seats....

Habs will NEED TO leave Bell in 15-20's not long term..
So what's the new stadium gonna cost? 850 million?

Greenbay fans keep redoing over Lambeau field BEACUSE THEY APPRECIATE THE HISTORY.Would be easy for them to say lets build a new one...THEY DON'T FOR THE SAME REASON THE CUBS stay at's more than just the game.......The fans are in a place they consider holy.

The Fourm still stands, it deserves to be better than a shopping complex....It can be brought back to life for much cheaper than 850 million it will take to build the next one ,especially with fan participation holding small ownership stakes in hockeys MOST famous building...not a hard sell... ...

1859 and 1866 the Parliament buildings were constructed in OTTAWA...why don't they build new ones?

The Whitehouse was built 1792 and 1800 why don't they build a new one?

Maybe that will help many of you get it ..

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