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01-22-2012, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by RIPRichardsCarter View Post
Paterno turned over the information he knew to the head of the campus police. He did what he felt was best at the time. You can look at anything under a microscope and find flaws. Your perception is greatly skewed by the media adding his name to every single Sandusky report.

I'm trying to hold back emotion from this post, but people like you are what lead to the early death of this man. Read the reports and stop listening to the media bias. He has done more good in his life than you'll EVER accomplish in your life.
85 with lung cancer is early and caused by people being upset with a lack of oversight? Interesting view.

Also, all the good doesn't wash out the bad. He had a noted history sweeping things under the rug. This wasn't the first time something like this happened, it was just the most publicized. What he did on the football field was amazing. His contributions to the university were also great. What he did to help make his football players into the men they are today is also widely recognized as unmatched. However he, and others at the school, made one pretty big error. Yes, he told his superiors. But it also happened under his watch.

You can say up and down that he did all he could and didn't deserve the ultimate fate he received. But to say those who are upset with JoePa and PSU is unwarranted or somehow caused his death is a little bit much. You can talk about all the great things he has done and no one will argue. But you can't ignore the mistakes he made and act like the good absolves him. The man was a great coach and for the vast majority of his life and career he made all the right moves on and off the field. When the man himself admits he was informed and could have done more, it's kind of strange to hear fans say he wasn't informed and did all he could.

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