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and once again most of the board over reacted...Supersonicmonkey was already calling concussion and being out for extended time..sure it was an ugly hit but you cant talk like experts unless you are an insider...wait..gather info...and wait some more...don't fly off the handle and make assumptions...the best line this year was Boyle calling game 8 a must win..sometimes I wonder if I come here for comedy or Hockey?
You completely gloss over the important point which is that the min suspension currently set is not enough for a play like this. There should already be a min of 10 or 12 games. Then injury should add to that. The fact is that if the league decided to they could rule no suspension at all...thats unacceptable.

Injuries should DEFINITELY have a role but the min susp needs to change

Lastly ive always had a strong dislike of Boston and their sports fans. That said this board doesn't represent rationale, good hockey fans (There are MANY which is why HF is such a great source of hockey info and discussion) so w/e I won'[t use the idiots on HF BOS as a reason to crucify all BOS fans.

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