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01-02-2006, 01:11 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsjohn
Overall, I could not be happier with the first half.

I expected the team to be in 4th to 6th place. They are in first.
I expected Roenick to be a huge part of this team. He has been everything but that and the team has not lost back to back games all year outside of the December skid.

I expected Bure to provide missing scoring depth of the past. I expected about 10 goals from him. Bure, Luc, and JR have a combined 11 goals and the team is 4th overall in goals scored.
Remember before the season started, we were trying to find room for all the forwards? A line of them hasn't produced and we are 4th in goals

The team is not showing the same issues game after game after game (sans the powerplay) The coaching staff is nipping problems in the bud. They can win games when the bounces aren't going their way. The players are playing hard. I am happy.


Our goaltending was supposed to be a question mark. I figuered it was at minimum and upgrade over Chechmanek. Garon and Labarbara are both hot at different times (which is a good problem) and both have stolen games for us.

My motto before the season started was if they call the game they way they claimed, out D would be alright.
Dempsey has stunk up the ice and Weaver has shown he is a capable number 6. Thank god for a farm system, in past years this might have broke us.
Going forward, we need a D-man. We unfortunately need the toughest d-man to get, the dreaded 2 way d-man. We need another PP quarterback and we need someone with a mean streak to kick some ***. If we could merge Brendan Witt and Gonchar, we would be set.
Leetch would be the ideal deadline target.

Special teams-

Our PP blows. But if the PP can be fixed and the team keeps up it's level of play five on five, this team could be deadly.

Our PP hasn't been the same since Deader went down. We need a Cicerelli, Homlstrom, John LeClair in front of the net forward who will take a beating for a goal. With the goalie screened and d-mn preoccupied at PP is soooo much more deadly.
I haven't watched Florida much, so I don't know how he looks, but this is where we go after the Gary Roberts of the past.

As stated about we also need a PP quarterback.

We should use the trading deadline to address our PP and PK. I think our PK is missing someone to clear the front of the net. Maybe we get 2 d-men at the deadline.
Great analysis!

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