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01-02-2006, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by MiZZZike
If you're a defensman then I don't see it too important to get it off the ice, as a forward who spends a lot of time on the PP in front of the net this is the best shot.
Couldn't be more true.

As a guy who spends every powerplay in front of the net, and any time there's a point shot is usually there, please keep that shot less than a foot off of the ice. You've got a guy standing there taking a beating so that the goalie cant' see the shot, do him a favour and keep it low so that it can create a rebound if the goalie does see it, and not hit him somewhere where it will hurt.. a shot off the shinpads is fine, but when you take it off of the chest it hurts like you wouldnt' believe. Youv'e got guys out there doing everything they can to get the goal.. reward them and keep that shot low, they'll love you for it. I know ther ehave been several times this year where the ref has asked me if the puck went in off of me and I've told him it hasn't because I wanted my team mate to get credit for the goalie.. if he was shooting head height I might be a bit more hesitant!

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