Thread: Comrie to LA?
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11-08-2003, 10:40 AM
David A. Rainer
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Oh jeez! Someone is posting LGK as a source (that "other message board" is How long will it be before someone at LGK posts this thread as a source? A couple of times a year (Kings fans will remember the Anson Carter and Eric Lindros trade rumors) some jackasses at LGK will make up a rumor, then someone at HF posts a link to that rumor as a source, then someone at LGK posts a link to HF as a source, and around and around we go like a dog trying to stick is head up his own arse.

If the Edmonton radio stations have not jumped all over this (as some of you are saying that not a thing was mentioned), then one would be wise to be skeptical of this so-called "source". The rumor might come true, but it won't be because this guy had any advanced warning of it happening.

In fact, the thread at LGK that started the rumor already has about 3 pages of how the guy is a moron for making up the rumor.

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