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01-22-2012, 09:12 PM
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Fundamentally poor. Every part of it is broken so there is no opportunity to focus in practice on one or two things which aren't clicking.

The sticks are on the wrong side of the ice, the players don't move or think with any urgency, puck carrier cannot shoot because the shot blockers are always in position and there is only one attacker near the net, the puck carrier cannot pass because the pass blockers are always in position despite having three teammates around the perimeter who are supposed to get open. The effectiveness would increase dramatically if one player just took it upon themselves to skate right into the middle of the defensive box and ask some questions of the penalty killers.

And that's just our first unit. The second unit is filled with disappointing players with no desire to take the lead; goes out for a turn and plays it like your typical 5on5 with the intent of just killing 40-60 seconds.

It's the type of amateurism which would see a coach fired if said coach wasn't doing other crucial duties.

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