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01-22-2012, 08:16 PM
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In 20 years, it will cost a whole lot less to renovate the Bell Centre than to renovate the Forum.

I suspect you're hoping the magic would come back if the Habs were to move back to the Forum. Sorry to say this but it won't. You would need the Habs to be a Dynasty for that to happen but those days are long gone. What made the Forum special was the Richard's, the Béliveau's, the Dryden's, Lafleur, Cournoyer, Robinson, etc... not the other way around.

If the Habs were playing at the Forum today, people would still be complaining about the team sucking, the coach not speaking french, Subban's mistakes, etc... There would be nothing magical about it and just about nobody would be saying "well at least they are playing at the Forum".

Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post

If you polled the Montreal fans i bet you 85-90% would say return to old Forum .....

Don't need to make a poll. Judging by the reaction here, most people are against the idea and with good reason. Certainly not scientific but if you disregard the sarcastic posts and those that have no opinion, 25 are against the idea of moving back to the Forum and 3 are for it. That is 89% against it.

Thankfully we prefer looking forward than to live in a past that will never come back.

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