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01-22-2012, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Dude I bring it up on a regular basis because it's so true. Everyone regurgitates Tony from 990 and AntiChambre on a regular basis. Funny part is a lot of what is said contradicts things I've seen with my own eyes from players.

All this Kostitsyn bashing over the last 2 years, total horse ****.

Bashing Eller when he's still very young and promising, meanwhile Pacioretty was also bashed at one point and took 100~ games before he started producing like a top 6 forward.

Bashing Subban when he's a 22 year old #1 D with no supporting cast aside from a #3-4d in Gorges and Kaberle. The rest are at best #5 and mostly 7's like others have mentioned. He isn't playing offensively because he's being asked to shoulder too much of the defensive side of the game. It's clear as day, he's also playing way too many minutes. You wanna know why he doesn't take risks? Because he can't, he's supposed to be a two-way mostly offensive D but we're trying to turn him into the opposite. He's a victim of circumstance. His defensive errors are magnified but if you compare his number of mistakes per minute played versus good plays (thank you Boucher Scouting) you realize he's one of the best and most consistent players on the team by far. He makes some mistakes and you all chew him out cause the team is doing badly, but he's been one of our only good players aside from Cole, Gorges Desharnais, Price etc. Those guys make up half a team not a full one.

All the guys doing the right things are getting blamed and it's laughable. Do people here honestly watch the games or just comment on stuff they don't see? Price getting bashed too now because he isn't stealing games left and right? You won't win games in this league 1-0 ten times a year.

Oh and the Kaberle bashing even though he's arguably being misused and is still putting up points
LOL... so true. Its truely sad to see the media ( i.e L'antichambre ) control the "group-think" of the fanbase.

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