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01-22-2012, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Andrew Knoll View Post
@ Kingsfan, we will just have to put the Cameron thing aside, I think you understand very clearly that the distinction between the two players was not an indication that anyone thinks Hickey is inferior in any way to Cameron as a player. I evaluated Cameron honestly and critically, but I will leave his status and rating/grade to the Calgary writer.
So you evaluate Cameron yourself, but leave his status as the same as what the Flames writer does, even if it makes no sense and is inferior to a noticably better prospect on HF (Hickey 9th in LA, Cameron 18 in Calgary)? I don't get it. If Cameron is a prospect, so is Hickey.

Originally Posted by Andrew Knoll View Post
Lewis is a PK guy who generates offensive zone time and he dresses every night. By any objective standard, he would be labeled an NHL player and no worse. By any objective standard, Hickey would be labeled a prospect at best. There is no persuasive argument for Hickey's accomplishments in knocking Lewis's vis-a-vis the ranking system as a result of those facts.
Lewis was used as an example of someone who isn't a bust. To assert Hickey can not achieve the same level that Lewis already has is false. As such, how can hickey be labelled a bust when he could still very easily reach the level of a Trevor Lewis?

Originally Posted by Andrew Knoll View Post
Hickey could be in the NHL theoretically but there is no firm indication that would be if he were in system X or system Y.
No one in the AHL has firm indication of being ahead of any NHL player. You don't label them all busts though.

Originally Posted by Andrew Knoll View Post
Where is he outperforming the competition in the AHL so handily?
I'd contend he could make a very good run at breaking into the bluelines of Edmonton, Tampa Bay and Columbus off the top of my head. I'd have to look at other depth charts to give more examples, but it has been a wideheld contention on these boards that Hickey's stuck behind a strong depth chart more than anything for why he's not an NHLer yet, at least on a part time basis, ala Martinez.

Originally Posted by Andrew Knoll View Post
It took a holdout and an injury to put him in the mix with two other guys (Voynov, Muzzin) for a short-term callup and he did not earn that. I don't think there are very many competitive teams that would have him in the lineup, if you are daring me to make an educated guess here. Time will tell if the label was applied prematurely, but there is nothing definitive right now to say that it was.
Because Hickey was behind Voynov does not mean he's a bust. Voynov is being compared on these boards to Zhitnik and Zubov, high levels for anyone to live up too. It should be noted as well that Hickey makes $1.3 million at the pro level and we are very tight to the cap, while Voynov makes $500K less. That factored in a great deal in all likelihood. If you go back and reread the training camp threads ayou see that Voynov and Hickey were generally thought to be even in performance, but Hickey's higher cap hit at a time when we were about $1 million under the cap made it nearly impossible to keep him without moving someone out.

Bottom line, this all boils down to my disagreement in your assessment that hickey is a bust, a term I think you are using solely on where he was selected as opposed to what he could achieve at the NHL level.

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