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01-22-2012, 09:40 PM
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I'll repeat, it's not about where we shoot, it's about creating confusion and creating space, so that our shots have a chance in hell of finding the back of the net. It's about moving close and moving back, moving right and left. It's about breaking up coverage and making their D unsure which way to move.

Watch our next PP -- we'll cycle harmlessly around the perimeter, then finally shoot from just inside the blueline. The puck will harmlessly hit a leg. Next, we hope for a rebound. Problem is, the opposition is already there, which means there's no chance to score unless the initial shot snakes through a sea of legs, or we get a lucky whack on the rebound.

Part of this problem remains the fault of our inexperienced defensemen, whose job it is to set up these plays. They're simply not confident enough yet. But part has been our timid forwards (howdy, Mr. Cammalleri), who couldn't/wouldn't penetrate in close enough to pose a threat and pry open some space.

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