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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
Yeah. Karalahti certainly is a viable candidate, but hasn't shown anything that puts him head and shoulder above the rest. You didn't really need to prove me that since it was something we agreed on from the beginning.

I've seen worse, I'll give you that. Okay, it's pretty agreeable actually as far as a fantasy roster goes.

I'd still flip Selšnne and Korpikoski around though. And no, not due to this age-old case of "Saku and Teemu having super-duper chemistry", but more like not to mess the one Granlund and Immonen are developing. See, those two have a real nice double act going and one of the key elements which has allowed that is that the third link (Pesonen) is no show-stealer but more like a balancing player who's there when required but never the sole go-to-guy. Korpedo certainly fits that mold better than the Flash.
Yeah i agree on Pesonen being or has been good with Granlund & Immonen. Many ignorant people didn't want to give Pesonen any credit for that in the last WC, but i'm not one of those. Yeah my only concern is missing that balancing player when we got Selanne-Granlund-Immonen. It's worth trying though, i'm sure all Finns would want to see how that line would perform and if it doesn't work Jalonen can quickly put Teemu with Saku. Also i'd like Granlund & Immonen have a proper maskman on PP like T.Ruutu (best in Finland at that?).

I'd personally like to find a way where we dont have to mix the lines each time for PP from the normal. What makes it tricky is I'd want Hagman to be in 1 of those PP lineups if we use the Anaheim trio Saku-Teemu-Hagman line, but then again Hagman is pretty good on PK so we could break this line and bring someone in.

Well yea. PP line ups:
PP#1 Granlund-Immonen-Selanne
PP#2 V.Filppula-M.Koivu-Ruutu

PK#1 Komarov-Nokelainen-J.Jokinen
PK#2 Hagman-S.Koivu-Korpikoski

Normal lineups:

or second option for PP:
PP#1 Selanne-M.Koivu-Filppula
PP#2 Granlund-Immonen-Ruutu (for normal and PP)

Going for 2 killer PP lines could be better like the 'second option'. We might loose some scoring potential with the Teemu-Immonen-Granlund and weaken our second PP too much. Harder for opponent team to put their best PK guys against 1 line, if we split them that is.

But if we do add Korpikoski as the workhorse/maskman in 1 of these lines while T.Ruutu does that in the other line and keep the same lines for PP. Then who is left out?

If I'd have to choose I'd take Filppula over M.Koivu for that, but is M.Koivu a better center for that line? Who plays the center role best of these 3 Ruutu/M.Koivu/Filppula. Probably M.Koivu? If we needed a winger instead of center i'd go Filppula, eventhough he has played center too (i'm not sure what Filppula plays in Detroit atm, i'm gussing winger?). But leaving a guy that is getting 70 points this season out of 1 of the PP is pretty unheard of so simplest solution --> Don't put Korpi there lol. Selanne+Filppula on same line on PP = drool, though. Well I think i've speculated enough for today .

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