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01-23-2012, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyOnTheSpot View Post
I would never argue he isn't having a bad season. I think his stats alone don't tell the whole story because he has let in an inordinate amount of deflection goals (that I feel are just...tough), he's seemed rattled, he gets off of his game easily, and he hasn't made the big saves when needed.

With that said, against Minny and NJ I saw improvement. Not statistically alone, but mentally. I'm not one of those stats guys, I really don't think they paint an accurate pictures. I also feel the D plays worse around him for some odd reason. Bryz needs to be better, I'm not arguing that. Overall, he's been bad. Screw it, here are my points:

-He's been better the past 3 games. Yea he didn't shut down Boston, but they're the best team in the league and I don't blame a majority of the goals on him. Goal 5, all on him. But the D let him down, and some goals I just don't feel he had a shot. I don't think he played bad against Boston, just not good enough.
-I'm tired of seeing this crap about the team being not good enough. They're having problems, but I will go on the record saying they could pull it together, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if the Flyers won it all honestly. They're not playing their best hockey right now. But they're dead in the heat in the race, and they're far from just an nonthreatening team.

People are too negative on here. Bryz is currently under a microscope (for good reason), and I just feel it's not letting people see good performances and improvements.
You bring up some very good points that pertain to hockey and to this message board. I too feel that Bryz will always be under a microscope no matter what he does. Hockey is a weird sport where the play of an individual can rest solely on his teammates. Goalie is a position where obviously having good teammates can change a persons performance. But Bryz has not been playing to his standards by any means this year. While i won't blast him as being the worst goalie in the world I will say that He has played much better in the past and that is the level We need him to get back to.

IN terms of your points on the negativity of the board. That is just how it goes sometimes. Some people take advantage of the anonymity the internet provides us. I think the message board and all message boards would be better served by asking if each statement of criticism could be made to the man we are criticizing. For instance, User000111 can say byrzgalov sucks and he should go back to russia, but can User000111 say that to the face of Ilya Bryzgalov? Doubtful. That is the standard I try to hold myself to, though I fail. But all in all when the flyers are winning this place is a pretty positive place.

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