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01-23-2012, 04:40 AM
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Originally Posted by JABEE View Post

Here is the video. Read loses control of the puck at the exact spot Thomas squirted the water.
Bruins fan coming in peace.

If you look closely, Thomas squirted the water somewhere close to the goal crease, whereas Read actually lost control of his legs (and the puck) some time before actually coming close to the crease, somewhere between the face-off dots in the defensive zone. This is about 6 metres (or 23 feet) from the goal line.
Since Thomas was standing close to his goal and he held his bottle in a angle pointing slightly down towards the ice, there is no way he squirted his water that far, even if you count in his size and the possible reach of his arms to extend his squirting. This means the water did not affect Reads shootout attempt at all.
Giroux scored and by the time Simmonds made his attempt, the water should have been frozen anyway.

I can't tell if squirting water onto the ice should be considered cheating, I don't know if there's a rule about it. But if it's a grey area, this might be taken up in the league. Keep in mind though, that this trick possibly could have come to backstab Timmy as well. There's a lot of possible outcomes regarding that situation.

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