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01-23-2012, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by RIPRichardsCarter View Post
It's actually a perfect analogy. He went to the person he felt would handle the situation correctly.
So did McQueary. I also think what you are looking past is that as head coach of the team, his defensive coordinator was allegedly ****** children for years. Now, JoePa either knew nothing, or knew something, but either way it was going on. No culpability there? Sandusky was one of the higher ranking coaches on the staff, if not the #2 guy behind JoePa. If you want to use a similar analogy to that which was just used, if you are managing a store and you hire an assistant manager and he ***** a bunch of kids at the store with or without your knowledge, no blame rests on the guy in charge who hired him and didn't realize it for years (assuming he was not informed)? And if he was informed he called the corporate headquarters then washed his hands of the whole situation? Come on, man.

I understand you have some kind of connection to the guy (whether it is personal or you are just a PSU grad, I don't know), but the guy does not deserve a free pass. Do you really think that people are just jealous of him and PSU and that is why they are upset with JoePa? Take the blinders off, dude.

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