Thread: Speculation: 2011 Acq./Rost. Bldg./Cap Part 5
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01-23-2012, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
What individual trade would you say was questionable? Corvo for a 2nd + two players currently in Europe? Arnott for a 2nd + player no longer on New Jersey? Hannan for a player no longer on Colorado? Chimera for a player cut from an AHL team in November and a defenseman he got back later in the season for free? Wideman for a 3rd + dead weight contract? A 4th and a prospect for Fehr (who currently has 1 goal and 1 assist on the season)?

I can see calling out his decisions of who to trade for or who to not trade for. But he's seemingly done a lot better than the other team in almost every single trade he's pulled off recently.
I never was crazy about the Corvo trade. He wasn't "the missing piece" worth a second round pick. What we needed at the time was a competent bruiser. Look at James Neal to see what a second round pick can get you. Arnott I can see the value of a 2nd, as he was the type of guy we needed for a cup run. The Hannan trade I understand, but we essentially lost Flash for a rental. I would have preferred picks or a more permanent piece. The Wideman trade in retrospect was very good, no complaints. And Fehr, F.B. trades were also in our favor. But like Boudreau I think McPhee's time may have run its course; he has a keen eye for talent.(or his scouting team does) but as an architect (making pieces fit together), and in terms of picking a coach, he seems to be lacking. If he is canned I would hope some of his scouting staff stays.

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