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01-23-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Cammy is our club's best scorer and easily has the most upside. Bad year? Yes. Trade value lower than it should be? Yes. Zero trade value? Absolutely not. There's no way on God's green earth that there isn't a club out there trying to make the playoffs who wouldn't be interested in him. We'd probably have to take some salary coming back but that's fine as long as we're getting back good prospects and a 1st.

He was a valuable trading asset that we squandered for a lateral move and middling prospects.

You're totally missing the point. Age IS an issue. Why are we trading away one 30 year old for another? We shouldn't have been looking at Bourque in the first place. We should be focusing on prospects not vets. We should be SELLING.

PG was desperate to save his job so he made a desperate move. Same as he did with Kaberle.
Cammy was signed to a 6M contract because he scored 39G and produced at 1pt/gp.
He never got close to those numbers since joining us. Over his three years here, he produced at a 26 goal pace.
Gionta, over the same tenure, kept a 30G pace.

So yea, in terms of potential, he was our best scorer, but he didn't live up to it here.
Gionta has outscored him.

And we're just talking in terms of goals. In terms of points, he's been very disappointing. The problem with him is that production is the only reason he earned that contract. Outside scoring goals, he is rather useless. It wasn't just one bad year.

Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
What's wrong with it is that we never should've traded away Cammy for Bourque and a 2nd in the first place. We should've been looking for a 1st. And if clubs weren't willing to trade away something decent, then we just should've held onto him. We traded away the better player... and got a 30 year old in return. It makes no sense in the context of where we stand today.
That's alright. We should have kept him here longer and move him around the deadline with a probable higher value. I agree. What's done is done however. A 2nd rounder remains a decent asset regardless of whether or not we could have gotten better.

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