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01-02-2006, 04:30 PM
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NMK....just count yourself lucky that you missed last nights game. It was the worst experience I have ever had at the GEC. Sold out crowd...we wanted to cheer, but there was nothing to cheer for...absolutely nothing. If we did not get two freak bounces, we get shutout with really little done offensively.

You watch our team and you see no even strength pressure, no cycling ability outside of the fourth line, no physical game....We have went from one of the most aggressive and mean teams in 2003-2004, to the most passive team IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. Most of our defensive screwups come from either a forward or defenseman dodging a hit instead of playing the puck or refusing to take the body to stop a drive. We let anyone who has any stickhandling ability skate all around our net, through the neutral zone, etc. If a speedy winger has the puck and is flying down the side...we don't nudge them into the board...we skate backwards into Tomas or some other passive play. We have to be more physical....I'm not saying we go out and kill people, but in certain situations playing the body is the best way to make a solid defenisve play. Since no one on our team seems willing to do that, we can't stop any cycling an opponent attempts, we are unable to clear the zone for long periods of time despite multiple times with the puck, and other teams forwards get all the space they want.

Watching what Niedermayer, Selanne, and Mcdonald were able to do to us was one even tried to get the puck away from them. THey could have skated right into TOmas Vokoun before anyone tried to lay their body on theirs....

The more I watch this team...the more I see glaring errors. I know Legwand and Walker will alleviate some of these things, but we are still going to have a lot of issues. I'm surprised Poile hasn't done anything at this point. Simply put, we are way to passive to go anywhere in the playoffs unless Tomas Vokoun plays like a God.

Expect an injury in the ucoming games. Teams are able to pound us unmercilessly all night long, and 12 games in 20 nights is going to kill us...IMO

All that being said, I think we will make the playoffs. However, I just do not see us being legitamate contendors at this point...especially if the surgery hurts Legwand's game (which I'm really thinking it will.....arthroscopic surgeries just hurt for way to long afterwards to be 100% for quite awhile.)

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