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01-23-2012, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
104 concerts shows at Bell Centre.....only 41 hockey games..

what is your point?

I fully understand .

What i said is it seems like EVENKO is pulling in as much, or more than Habs .....
You have an arena that cost millions to make, and you're going to only use it 41 times a year, give or take playoffs?

You do know that the Amphitheatre in Quebec, which is being built to house a new NHL team, was designed to host these type of events too? These arena's like the BC and ACC in Toronto are cultural landmarks and not just reserved for a sports team. Other arenas welcome other sports, like in MSG where they have basketball games too.

This applies to ALL arenas in the league, and all the owners are making additional revenues (NOT PROFIT, REVENUE) off these activities.

Now, again, what is your point? The owner doesn't care about his team because Evenko is making him money? You do know that he has creditors to pay off due to the huge loan he took when he purchased the team? I think he cares more about his product than you do.

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